CWAA Breeze Newsletter June 18-22, 2018

Principal’s Message:

CWAA Teacher, Mrs. Hilary Blackburn, Receives Excellence in Education Award

On Thursday, June 7, at our Spring Music Concert, one of CWAA’s talented teachers was presented with an elegant Excellence in Education Award along with a $1000 cash reward. Hilary Blackburn, Senior Kindergarten Teacher, was one of four teachers selected among all teachers from across the Canadian Seventh-day Adventist school system for this special award! The criteria for the award included spirituality, concern for students, innovation in teaching methods and strategies, impact on school improvement, involvement in church and community, mentor to others, and professional growth.

When Janet Griffith, Superintendent of Education for the Alberta Conference of SDA, presented the award to Hilary she shared some of the reasons why Hilary was selected, according to statements made by individuals who nominated Hilary for this prestigious award (including nominations from among pastors, colleagues, administrators, students, and parents):

  • “Hilary is an extraordinary Kindergarten teacher. She demonstrates patience, kindness, responsibility, creativity and excellence in each area of her work. Her positive attitude, thorough approach to every task, strength and calming manner are a few of the characteristics that she is admired for.”
  • “Hilary has a genuine, natural love for God and she includes Him in all that she does inside and outside of the classroom. She invites and inspires her students to cultivate their gifts from God: to walk everyday with God, to recognize and use the talents God has given them, to better their communication skills and to get involved in serving others.”
  • “Hilary has genuine love and care for her students. She is open and honest with her students and knows how to make each student feel cared for and special. Hilary is conscientious and thorough in each detail of her planning, and strives to make each day meaningful and fun for her students. Hilary is keen to try new approaches, strategies or technologies to get her students interested and engaged in learning.”
  • “Not only is Hilary admired and respected for being an exemplary teacher, but also for being an exemplary Christian woman and mother, who takes seriously every role that God gives her. Her experience and wisdom are invaluable and she inspires others to give their best.
  • “From (my child’s) very first day of Kindergarten, CWAA felt more like a home for my daughter’s education than a school.  Each day has provided a new opportunity to witness the love and dedication shown as Mrs. Blackburn gracefully teaches above and beyond the curriculum. I am continually amazed at the unique and caring ways my daughter is challenged to grow into the best version of herself.  God’s plan for our children is alive, well and fully operational at CWAA!”
  • “Our two younger daughters attended the Kindergarten program with huge academic and spiritual success. They were well prepared for the 1st grade. As parents, we believe that a solid foundation is vital for future success…. Mrs. Blackburn in CWAA’s Kindergarten program was just that.”

Indeed, we are very proud to call Hilary ‘one of our own’ teachers! She is an exceptional and professional teacher, lover of children, and passionate follower of Jesus Christ. Hilary is a most worthy recipient for the Excellence in Education Award. Our prayer is that God will continue to provide her with His strength, wisdom and grace to persevere in developing young hearts and minds for His Kingdom at our school! Congratulations Hilary! We are so proud of you!

Lara Melashenko
Chinook Winds Adventist Academy


ELEMENTARY SPORTS FIELD DAY:Tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, June 19thall elementary students will take part in various physical activities while enjoying a year-end celebration!  This is a casual dress day for all elementary students.

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR GRADE 1 – GRADE 9:  This Friday, June 22ndis the last day of school for Grade 1 – Grade 9 students. There will be noon dismissal on that day.  Thank you for being prompt in picking up your children. Buses will depart at 12:10 pm and students who ride the bus will arrive early to their bus stops.

CASUAL DRESS DAY: Friday, June 22nd, is a casual dress day for all CWAA students and staffPlease note that this will not bea ‘Food Bank Friday’(food bank donations will begin again in the fall).

ELEMENTARY AWARDS CEREMONY:  On Friday evening, June 22nd, at 6:30 pm an Awards Ceremony will be held for all students in Jr Kindergarten – Grade 6.  Elementary Report Cards will be handed out at this ceremony.  Plan to attend!

SPRING MUSIC CONCERT OFFERING:  Together we raised $660, which was passed along to the mother of the three sisters (Dominique Northwest, Cheyanne Soosay, and Latesha Northwest) killed in a tragic road accident on June 5. The three sisters (18, 22, and 23) were previous alumni of our sister school, Mamawi Ataskotan School and one a close friend to a student at CWAA. The three sisters leave behind seven very young children.  Thank you CWAA for giving generously.

EL SALVADOR MISSION PROJECT:  In the month of July one of our teachers, Ms. Juana Galdamez, will be traveling to El Salvador on a mission project – to provide children’s programs in a remote village (Vacation Bible Studies). As a school, we would like to support Ms. Galdamez by sending supplies to help her run this program.

If you would like to support this mission project, please send the following supplies to school, according to your child’s class by Wednesday, June 20. 


  • JK/SK: Stickers
  • Gr. 1: popsicle sticks, large wooden/plastic clothesline pins
  • Gr. 2: yarn, dental floss
  • Gr. 3: cotton balls, pom poms, feathers, googly eyes
  • Gr. 4: tooth paste
  • Gr. 5: Play-Doh, foam sheets (rainbow colors)
  • Gr. 6: paintbrushes, tempura paint
  • Gr. 7: tooth brushes
  • Gr. 8: glue (stick, liquid, fabric, wood)
  • Gr. 9: pencil crayons, erasers
  • Gr. 10: pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners
  • Gr. 11: construction paper
  • Gr. 12: color markers

Thank you for your support of this important mission project!

GRADES 7 – 12 FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE: Important reminders for Final Exams.

  • Exam Weighting:All final exams are cumulative and will cover material from the beginning of the year.  Grade 7-9 Finals will be weighted at 20% of the Term 4 grade.  Grade 10 – 12 Final Exams will be weighted at 30% of the final grade.
  • During exam and tutorial days all students must arrive at regular time (8:30 am).
  • Students must remain in their classrooms for a minimum of 1 hourafter the exam start time.
  • Grades 10-12 students are allowed to leave the school after exams/tutorials are completed to go home and prepare for their next exam. Students who remain at school will be provided with a supervised room for quiet study.
  • Tutorials for Grades 7-9 core classes (LA, SS, MATH, SCI) will be in the afternoons and will be optional attendance.  Gr 7-9students will need written parental permission to leave the school.
  • Regular uniforms are to be wornon all exam and tutorial days (except for Grade 12 students writing Diploma Exams).
  • Early Noon Dismissalon June 22, 25, 26, 27, and 28. Buses will depart CWAA at 12:10 pm on these days.

Please open the button below to find our Final Exam Schedule for Grades 7-12 students.



SECONDARY AWARDS CEREMONY:  On Wednesday evening, June 27th, at 6:30 pm an Awards Ceremony will be held for all students in Grade 7 – Grade 12.  Secondary Report Cards will be handed out at this ceremony.  Plan to attend!



June 18               School Board Meeting, 7pm

June 19               Elementary Sports Field Day (afternoon) Casual Dress

June 19               Jr Kindergarten Year End Celebration, 10 am – 12 pm

June 20              Grade 6 Year End Celebration, 6:30 pm

June 20-28        Secondary Final Exams Week

June 21               Grades 1-4 Calaway Park Trip

June 22               Last Day for Gr 1 – Gr 9 Students with 12 noon dismissal

June 22               Elementary Report Cards & Awards Ceremony, 6:30 pm

June 27               Secondary Report Cards & Awards Ceremony, 6:30 pm

Sept   4                2018-19 School Year Begins!  School uniform required (12 noon dismissal).


Chaplain’s Message:

It has been a great privilege to serve as the Chaplain at Chinook Winds Adventist Academy since sometime back in 2011! As this chapter closes, one of my hopes is that each of our students and other members of our school family will continue to allow God to work and lead in their lives! Keep holding on to HIS hand!

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” (Philippians 1:6 NLT)

Pastor Brent
Chinook Winds Adventist Academy