2013 CWAA Terry Fox Run

All parents, students and interested community members are invited to join CWAA in participating in The Terry Fox National School Run Day at CWAA on Friday, September 27 from 11:00 – 1:20 p.m. Be part of one of the biggest displays of solidarity against cancer on the planet…while setting an example of compassion, fostering school spirit, encouraging physical activity, and having fun! Our school goal this year will be to raise $3,000. Donations can be made online or with paper pledge sheets. To find out more about the 2013 CWAA Terry Fox Run or how you can help out with the event, contact Pastor Brent Wilson (bwilson@cwaa.net). For more information about donating online, go to http://my.e2rm.com/TeamPage.aspx?teamID=476634&langPref=en-CA.