The Breeze Newsletter for October 6-10, 2014

Principal’s Message:

Take Care of your Lambs

D. Victor Fitch, retired Education Superintendent, Principal & Teacher 

Monday through Friday multitudes of yellow buses ply the roads delivering students to classrooms with good equipment, remedial programs, and learning devices all used effectively by teachers schooled in both the methods and psychology of education. There is no doubt one may depend on public schools to educate our children scholastically. They may even teach the basics of healthful living and a certain degree of ethics. Music, art and physical education are usually masterfully presented. We cannot, however, count on them to help with the most vital of all educational aspects. The public school system will not, cannot, and can never be expected to, encourage the development of a Christ-like character in the students. Even if some teachers would like to present Biblical truths, the law does not permit them to do so. To say it in Biblical terms, their ways and thoughts are not congruent with the Bible.

There are three ways I would like to briefly review where the teachings of the public school differ greatly. First, we teach that each one is a child of God created uniquely in His image. Man did not evolve by chance, but was created perfect with the potential for continued growth and development. Second, although created perfectly, man misused the free choice given and sinned. Yes, there are absolutes in God’s laws and to break or disobey these is sin. As a result of sin, all will die. This brings us to the third difference. A Saviour has been provided for our salvation. This is the gift of a loving God who freely gives us salvation through the gift of His Son. We did not evolve over eons of time; we live a few years, and that’s all there is. We were created instantly and, after a few short years filled with many challenges, we can look forward to an eternity to come.

I am thankful for an education that emphasizes this truth, and for teachers who share this good news. I am thankful for teachers who were a “spare key” to me and are now influential in the lives of my grandchildren. I am thankful that I can serve as a shepherd to the flock God has given me. The question will be asked when Jesus comes, “Where is the flock that was given you, Your beautiful sheep?” (Jeremiah 13:20). I will answer that question as a parent, a teacher and a member of the church. May God bless us all as we care for His lambs-His flock.

Lara Melashenko


PICTURE DAY: Just a reminder that Picture day is Tuesday, October 14. Formal Dress is required.

BUS ZONE REMINDER FOR PARENTS: Please remember to not park in the bus zones in front of the school in the morning or after school. Buses have been arriving and leaving the school late, and with vehicles parked in these zones it makes it difficult to have students load the buses.

FLU SEASON IS HERE! Every fall the Enterovirus D68 hits schools across Alberta and wreaks havoc on the health of children! The Enterovirus D68 is a common group of viruses that can cause various types of illness, including respiratory illness that affects the nose, throat and lungs. In recent weeks, the Enterovirus D68 has gained attention in the media because there have been more cases than usual this year. (Last Monday, there were 18 children diagnosed with D68 in Alberta, 10 of which were in Calgary. This is an increase from last year at this time.) Protecting our students from the Enterovirus takes three simple precautions:

1)    Wash hands thoroughly with soap & water (especially after coughing, sneezing, using tissues or the washroom, and before eating or preparing foods).

2)    Cover nose and mouth with a tissue when sneezing or coughing or into a sleeve (never hands!) and throw away tissues.

3)    Stay home if sick with symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose or sneezing.

For more information about the D68 Enterovirus, visit Alberta Health Services at

CWAA IS HIRING SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS! If you have a passion to educate children for Jesus and hold a valid teaching certificate please send your resume to Principal Lara Melashenko at or fax at 403-247-1623. 

UPDATE ON PARKING LOT RENOVATIONS: We want to thank all parents and staff for their patience during the slow pace renovation process to our parking lot! Last Thursday Foothills Electric completed the electrical work in our parking lot and early this next week Everblue Nursery will begin the task of planting our trees and shrubs above our retaining wall. Regarding our asphalt repairs, we have secured the services of City Wide Excavating to remove the current asphalt on our driveway and prepare the base and install gravel. Once the base and gravel are in place, the road will be accessible (like a gravel road). City Wide Excavating will begin the project in late October or early November and will complete the base prep/gravel project in two weeks of the start date. In the spring, once the snow melts, the road (and the square gravel patches in our parking lot) will be paved and parking curbs will be installed. We praise God for His continued care and direction in our school as we continue to work towards school-wide improvement.

SUTP BOOKS: The deadline for returning unsold books or payment for books sold has passed. Please drop payments or unsold books at the office IMMEDIATELY!

CALGARY CORN MAZE FIELD TRIP: On Thursday October 9th, Kindergarten – Grade 4 Classes will be going on a field trip to the Calgary Corn Maze. Please dress appropriately for the weather. 

FARM FRESH OKANAGAN FRUIT: Place an order for apples (several varieties) or pears and support the 2015 CWAA Mission Trip! Orders should be turned in with payment to the CWAA office by 12 noon on Monday, October 20. Click the button below to access an order form.


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FUNFEST 2014:  Saturday evening, November 8 from 7 – 10 pm.  Forms are included for your benefit.  An awareness note:  there is no kitchen facility so if you plan to have a booth that includes food, all preparations will have to be done prior to your arrival.

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FASHION CLASS NEEDS MACHINES: If you have a reliable sewing machine that you may not be using and would like to donate to the sewing class, please contact Marilyn Kelloway at

PRAYING PARENTS: For those who are interested in joining a prayer group (made up of parents who come together once a week to pray for our school, staff and students) you’re invited to meet in the school lobby every Thursday morning at 8:30. 

WHY DO WE PRACTICE EMERGENCY DRILLS? We practice emergency drills at CWAA to protect and keep as safe as possible the students and adults in our school from a potential emergency. There are two primary drills we conduct during the school year: evacuation and lockdown drills. The primary difference between the evacuation drills (which include bomb and fire drills) and lockdown drills is that evacuation drills are designed to prepare people to leave the building quickly and in a pre-planned and organized fashion, when conditions outside the building are safer than the conditions inside the building. In a lockdown drill, students are to clear the halls and report to the nearest available classroom where they are to hide and stay as silent as possible. Since the school year started, we have practiced two successful fire drills (1st drill = 2:33 min, 2nd drill = 2:13 min). Over the upcoming months we will also engage in practice lockdown drills at different times of the day and without pre-announcement (during lunchtime or recess, during classes, or during drop-off or dismissal, for example), to give students and staff the opportunity to practice what to do in different scenarios. During the school lockdown drill, the following procedures are practiced:

  • Doors to classrooms are closed and locked.
  • Students are moved to the safest part of the room, away from windows and doors, to the interior walls, out of the line of vision from the door, on the floor.
  • Any windows in doors are covered (to prevent an intruder from seeing into the room).
  • Classroom lights are turned off.

We would encourage all parents to take the time to develop emergency procedures within the home, as well as discuss the lockdown procedures practiced at school. We are proud to say that all our emergency procedures have been designed with input and assistance from our Community Resource Officer, Constable Dylan Harris, from Calgary Police Service.



Please find the attached link for the Alberta Adventist Education Communication Newsletter.

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ADVENTIST EDUCATION ONLINE SURVEY: Our children deserve to have a quality Adventist education to equip them for faithful service to God and humanity. In an effort to improve the quality of Adventist education for all our children, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada is holding an Education Summit from November 23-26, 2014. We value your input in this process, and therefore solicit your participation in this survey! The online survey can be accessed at h It will take about 15 minutes of your time. Your input is critical. click SURVEY, and enter ADVENTIST as the password to begin.




Oct 7                   Library program begins

Oct. 8-12            Volleyball and Soccer Tournaments at Walla Walla University

Oct. 9                           Calgary Corn Maze (Grades K – 4)

Oct.   13              Thanksgiving Day (No School)

Oct.   14              Picture Day

Oct. 20                School Board Meeting 7 pm

Oct. 27                Teacher Professional Day (No School)

Oct. 30 – Nov 1    CUC Music Festival in Lacombe (Gr 7 – 12 Choir)

Nov 8                           Fun Fest


Chaplain’s Message

“You are just as dependent upon Christ, in order to live a holy life, as is the branch upon the parent stock for growth and fruitfulness. Apart from Him you have no life. You have no power to resist temptation or to grow in grace and holiness. Abiding in Him, you may flourish. Drawing your life from Him, you will not wither nor be fruitless. You will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water.” (Steps To Christ, 68.3).

In order to Thrive, we must be connected to Christ. May each of us be deeply rooted in the love and truth of God today.

Pastor Brent Wilson