CWAA Breeze Newsletter October 31 – November 4, 2016

Principal’s Message:

Last week after I finished printing my boarding pass at a self-serve United Airlines kiosk I looked for the counter where I could pick-up my baggage tag. (I was on my way to Baltimore to attend the 2016 North American Division Annual Meetings.) Because the counter closest to my kiosk was labeled “Premier Access”, I looked for the “Economy” counter and walked toward the counter to stand to wait my turn to collect my baggage tags. When my turn came to receive help I approached the counter and presented my boarding pass. The clerk responded, “That’s strange, your baggage tags didn’t print. Let me print them again.” After the tag was placed on my luggage I thanked the clerk and left to go to security. As I passed by the “Premier Access” counter I heard the critical words of the Premier Access clerk complaining, “Why didn’t she come here? The baggage tag was printed here.” For some reason her words stung, making me feel small and misunderstood. I had assumed that my baggage tags could not be printed at the “Premier Access” counter because I didn’t have a first class ticket. I was just trying to follow what I perceived to be the rules. And yet the clerk assumed that I had made a mistake by not coming to collect up my printed baggage tag at the counter closest to the kiosk.

As I walked away I thought about how easy it is to make quick judgements and to fail to seek understanding. Often we fail to seek reasons for why others do what they do and we jump to sometimes quick and hurtful judgements. As teachers (and parents), it’s very easy to make quick assumptions about our children, without first seeking to understand. Ellen White said it like this, “Some parents do not understand their children and are not really acquainted with them. There is often a great distance between parents and children. If the parents (teachers) would enter more fully into the feelings of their children (students) and draw out what is in their hearts, it would have a beneficial influence upon them.” (Ellen G. White, Adventist Home, p 190).

This month as we seek to emulate God’s character through our Character Value of Self-Control, let us be patient and diligent to exercise self-control in seeking to understand before making quick judgments! “Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.” Proverbs 16:32


Lara Melashenko



CHARACTER VALUE OF THE MONTH: For the month of November the school is emphasizing the character value of Self Control.

POINSETTIA PLANTS FOR SALE: Add a festive touch to your home this Christmas season with colorful premium poinsettias, mixed tropical planters and/or a live “Berries and Bows” wreath. These can make wonderful Christmas gifts as well as brightening your own home. Open the button below to find an order form.

Poinsettia Order Form


BAGS FOR BANGLADESH: Do you have any re-usable cloth shopping bags that you would be willing to donate? Why not help our elementary students collect bags to send to an orphanage in Bangladesh with Ms. Anna Goltz at the end of November? These bags will be decorated by our elementary students and sent to Bangladesh with Ms. Goltz, where she will fill them with food to take to a special orphanage. Send your re-usable cloth shopping bags with your children to the school office! Deadline is November 10.


CITRUS ORDERS DUE TODAY: Make sure any last citrus orders for the November shipment are turned in to the CWAA office or emailed to Pastor Brent ( TODAY (October 31). Find an order form with prices listed on the button below.

Citrus Fruit Order Form


LAST OKANAGAN APPLE ORDER: The last apple orders for this school year need to be turned in by this Friday (November 4) at 1:30 PM. The apples will arrive at CWAA sometime November 7 to 10. Thank you for your support of the 2017 CWAA Bolivia Mission Trip! Here’s your apple order form.

Apple Order Form


FALL FUN FEST:  Please notice a date change for Fun Fest. Fun Fest will be held on Saturday night, November 19, from 6-9:00 pm in the school gymnasium.  Come out to the school to socialize, enjoy good food and fun games.  Contact the school office if you’re interested in having a booth.  An applications form is available on the button below. Plan to bring family and friends!

FunFest Application

FUNDSCRIP GIFT CARD ORDER: Buy gift cards at face value for the grocery stores, gas stations, clothing stores and restaurants that you normally visit. FundScrip pays Chinook Winds a percentage of the value of the gift card. This fundraiser doesn’t cost you anything extra and is a great way to help us raise money for the 2017 CWAA Bolivia Mission Trip. Please turn your orders in to the CWAA office with cash or cheque payment by Tuesday, November 15. Your gift cards will be delivered to CWAA within 1 week after that date. You can access an order form on the button below.

FundScrip Order Form

BEN ROY FROM SCIENCE ZONE VISITS CWAA: On Monday, October 24, Ben Roy captivated our Elementary students with nearly an hour of exciting science demos along with beautiful spiritual applications. Following the elementary science presentation Mr. Roy spent time delivering a “hair raising” and “shocking” experience to our Grade 9 students. Ben Roy is the past director of News Channel 9’s Science Theatre and the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, TN. Our students gained a deeper appreciation God’s wonderful world of science through Mr. Roy’s time with us!





ADRA CANADA VISITS CWAA TO SAY THANK YOU: On Tuesday, October 25 Heather Grbic, from ADRA Canada (Church Relations Coordinator) came to share with our students about the awesome work of ADRA Canada as well as to deliver a beautiful plaque to our students for their contributions to the Fort McMurray response! The award was received by students Dobrin & Joel, Ntembe, Micah & Olivia.




ANSWER TO PRAYER IN GRADE 10: On behalf of the Grade 10 teachers and students, we would like to shout out a “thank you” to Mr. Jamie Price for donating a brand new microwave to our Grade 10 classroom! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.




PRAYING PARENTS: Come join us as we meet together for prayer on Thursday mornings after school begins in the school lobby. We meet to pray for our school, our staff, our students and our families. Prayer can move mountains.



Nov 1                  Field Trip to Museum of the Regiments, Grade 9

Nov 3                     Royal Tyrell Museum, Drumheller, Grades K-5 & Biology 20

Nov 4                    End of Term 1 Secondary

Nov 4-6                Jr High FCA Volleyball Tournament, Lacombe

Nov 8                   Picture Retake Day

Nov 11                 Remembrance Day (No school)

Nov 14-17            Fall Student Week of Prayer

Nov 15                 Secondary Report Cards Home

Nov 16                 Gr 10-12 Career Fair in Gym 1-3 pm

Nov 17                 Secondary Parent/Teacher Interviews, 4-8 pm

Nov 19                 Fall Fun Fest, 6 pm

Nov 21                 School Board Meeting 7 pm

Nov 22                 Gr 1- 4 Music trip to Jack Singer (Calgary Philharmonic)

Nov 23                 Gr 1 Nursing Home Visit to Wentworth Manor

Nov 23                 Gr 10-12 Trip to Rosebud Theatre ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ Production

Nov 23, 28, 30 Dec 6 Operation Christmas Child Service Opportunity (for students age 14 and up)4:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Nov 24 – 27           Senior High Volleyball Fall Classic, Burman University

Nov 25                 End of Term 1 Elementary

Nov 28 – Dec 2     Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

Nov 29                 Elementary Report Cards Home

Dec 1                   Elementary PTI’s (4 -8 pm)

Dec 2                   Grade 5 & 9 Vaccinations

Dec 7                   Grade 11 Trip to Central Church, Senior’s Christmas Dinner, 1:30 am -3:00 pm

Dec 8                   CWAA Christmas Concert

Dec 16                 Last Day of Classes (Christmas Break)


Chaplain’s Message:


Please pray for our Week In Spiritual Emphasis (WISE) coming up November 14 to 17 here at CWAA. The elementary theme will be Creation, with topics like “Where did God come from?”; “Where did dinosaurs come from?”; “Why did God create humans?”; and “Why did God rest on the Sabbath?” The secondary theme will be “Ask Anything” – a chance for students to ask questions ahead of time that student speakers will then seek to answer biblically during the WISE week. Please pray that the planning and programming of the WISE week will be a time when students grow to know Jesus better!



Pastor Brent


Chinook Winds Adventist Academy