CWAA Breeze Newsletter for May 15-19, 2017

Principal’s Message:


Over the past few months our secondary students have been talking about the Netflix series, ‘13 Reasons Why’. In an attempt to help equip our parents with a Christian perspective on the series, I would like to present excerpts taken from an article written by Pr. Kevin Carson, Pastor of the Sonrise Baptist Church in Ozark, Missouri. (

Teenagers are flocking to Netflick’s new original series 13 Reasons Why, based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher and adapted by Brian Yorkey for Netflix. Parents, please do the necessary research and make a wise choice related to your teenagers or young adults watching this series. I have started the research for you below and encourage you to take the necessary time to think through this issue, make a list of issues that are pertinent related to both the show itself and the show’s content, and then discuss the show with your teenagers – regardless of whether or not you watch it with them.

  1. The Storyline. The series follows a teenager who receives a series of cassette tapes recorded by a classmate who recently committed suicide. On each of the 13 tapes, she explains to her peers how they each played a role in her death, detailing the 13 reasons she took her own life. The story follows how each of the 13 players engage the tapes and react to each other as the tapes spread.
  2. The Rating. Netflix has rated the show TV-MA meaning it is not suitable for children under 17. The show earned its rating TV-MA with the graphic scene of the suicide, multiple rapes, nudity, underage drinking, bullying, stalking, drugs, violence, and very strong language.
  3. The Benefits of Watching. Issues like suicide, bullying, cyber-bulling, sex, rape, drugs, guilt, shame, and others are real. Teenagers and young adults do face these issues in our culture. However, parents are strongly urged to watch all the episodes first before beginning the series with your teenager so that you can make the best wisdom choice regarding your teenager.
  4. Wisdom is needed. You may want to consider several areas of wisdom before you allow your teenager to watch this show. It is imperative that you think through your young adults level of maturity. Take the necessary time to think through this show, make a list of issues that are pertinent related to both the show itself and the show’s content, and then discuss the show with your teenagers – regardless of whether or not you watch it with them. The best choice may be a series of quality conversations with your teenager rather than seeing it depicted on screen.
  5. The Warnings of Watching.Parents, be on alert in regard to this show. This is a graphic show. Some parents and reviewers have described this show as a how-to guide on committing suicide. Cultural issues relevant to the episodes include suicide, rape, bullying of various sorts, drugs, underage drinking, stalking, betrayal, grief, revenge, lies, blame-shifting, fat shaming, strong language, violence, and other areas of abuse as well. Mental health officials have strongly urged parents to not let their teenagers watch this. There is concern with copycatting the suicide.

Lara Melashenko


Chinook Winds Adventist Academy


CHARACTER VALUE OF THE MONTH: During the month of May we are focusing on the character of God – HUMILITY. The Bible says, “God is against the proud, but gives grace to the humble. So be humble under God’s powerful hand and He will lift you up when the time is right.” 1 Peter 5:5-6

NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, MAY 19th: This Friday is a Teacher’s Professional Day and students from K-12 have no classes. Monday, May 22 is Victoria Day. Classes will resume on Tuesday, May 23rd.

GRADES 6, 9 & 11 PARENT INFORMATION TONIGHT: To equip parents for their child’s transition years we would like to invite parents to an information meeting tonight.

  • Parents of current Grade 6 students who are transitioning into Junior High are meeting with Mrs. Brown (Grade 7 Homeroom Teacher) from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. on May 15.
  • Parents of current Grade 9 students who are transitioning into Senior High are invited to attend a meeting with Mrs. Kelloway and Mr. Elias (Guidance Counselor and Vice-Principal) from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. on May 15.
  • Parents of current Grade 11 students who are entering their final year of High School are invited to attend a meeting with Mrs. Kelloway and Mr. Elias (Guidance Counselor and Vice-Principal) from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. on May 15.

Agenda items to be covered include: Course Selections & Timetabling, Homeroom Routines and High School Expectations, Course Evaluation, Uniforms, Athletic and Non-Athletic Extra-Curricular participation, Alberta Government High School Diploma Requirements and CWAA Graduation Requirements (Gr 11), Graduation, Post-Secondary Applications, Scholarships and Bursaries (Gr 11). For more information please contact Mrs. Melashenko.

GRADE 12 GRADUATION: CWAA’s graduating Class of 2017 invite you to attend their graduation ceremonies at Chinook Winds Adventist Academy on June 3 and 4.  The Consecration Service begins at 6 pm on Sabbath, June 3; the Commencement Service begins at 12 noon on Sunday, June 4.  Come join us for this special and memorable occasion!

GRADE 9 SWEET TREAT FUNDRAISING SALES: Baked goods and frozen treats on sale during lunch hour with prices varying between $.50 to $1.00 on the following days:

Tuesday – Elementary and Secondary Students

Thursday –   Secondary Students

 RE-REGISTRATION UPDATE: Classes are filling up and we would like to ask all parents who have not yet submitted their Re-Registration package to bring this into the school office. For your information, Grades 1-12 class sizes will be capped at 24 students and our 4-day Kindergarten program will be capped at 20 students (we currently have 17 registered). Thank you to all families who have registered!

 CWAA SPRING MUSIC CONCERT: The CWAA Music Department will present “The Secret of My Success- Building Futures on the Rock” on Thursday, May 25 at 7pm in the Gymnasium. The concert will feature selections by the K-6 Choir and Grade 5 and 6 Bands.  The Concert Band and Concert Choir will present selections from the ACSI Spring Musicale and Music Tour to Three Hills/Edmonton. All are welcome to attend!

CWAA USED UNIFORM SALE: On Thursday, May 25 CWAA will host a gently-used uniform sale from the inventory on hand at the school. All prices will be reduced by 50% or more from regular prices. Hours of sale are 6 – 7 pm and opening again after the Spring Music Concert until 9 pm.

PRAYING PARENTS: Praying Parents will not be meeting for the next two Thursdays due to the school holidays on Friday, May 19th and Monday, May 22nd. Meetings will begin again on Thursday, June 1



May 11-15           Grade 7-12 Concert Band & Choir Tour (Three Hills and Edmonton)

May 15                Grade 6, 9 & 11 Parent Information Night

May 18                Kindergarten Year End Celebration

May 19                Teacher Professional Day No School (K – Grade 12)

May 22                Victoria Day No School

May 25                Spring Concert (K – Gr 12) at 7 pm

May 25                Used Uniform Sale

May 26                Food Bank Friday (casual wear)

May 29-June 1     Grade 5/6 Outdoor School

June 3                 Concert Choir to Calgary Central Church

June 3                 Grade 12 Graduation Consecration 6 pm

June 4                 Grade 12 Graduation Commencement 12 noon

June 6                 Grade 9 Year End Celebration

June 8                 Kindergarten & Grade 10 Field Trip to Calgary Zoo

June 12               Grade 6 Year End Celebration

June 17               CWAA Concert Choir Southside Church

June 20               Elementary Sports Day, Afternoon

June 21               Grades 1-4 Calaway Park Trip

June 23               Elementary Last Day of School Noon Dismissal

June 23               Elementary Award Ceremony 7 pm

June 29               Secondary Awards Ceremony 7 pm