CWAA Breeze Newsletter March 19 – 23, 2018

The Breeze

Principal’s Message:


This Sabbath across North America Adventist churches will be celebrating Adventist Education. I would like to share some interesting facts about Adventist Education and share why Adventist Education is the best for our children!

Did you know that Adventist Education:

  • Is the 2nd largest Christian school system in the world!
  • Has been in operation for 144 years!
  • Encompasses 7,764 schools in over 100 countries (including 5,899 elementary schools, 1,748 secondary schools, 112 colleges & universities, 3 medical schools, 2 law schools)!
  • Educates over 1.7 million students world-wide!

The reason why Adventist education is critical for our children is as follows:

  1. Our children hear the same message at home, church and school about Jesus and how to live like Him. As a result, they are more likely to make the decision to follow Jesus.
  2. When our children face temptation, they will have Christian teachers and peers to influence their choices.
  3. Our children are taught to view the world through God’s eyes.
  4. Our children are taught to build their values and beliefs on the Bible alone. They are taught that God loves them, God created the world and everything in it and He is in control.
  5. Our students are taught that Jesus Christ is coming back and what they do today makes a difference.
  6. Our children are taught to serve others – for the purpose of pleasing God – not man.
  7. Our children are free to worship God in spirit and in truth – every day – openly with their peers and teachers.
  8. Our school, teachers, students and families are blessed to have an extended family of support (constituent churches, a parent organization and dozens of donors that give generously and pray for our school.)
  9. Our students are prepared for post-secondary education – not for the purpose of getting a career so they can get rich and live comfortably in this world – but so they can live a life of service to Jesus Christ. We have a message to share and our students will grow up to share that message.
  10. Finally, our teachers and students start each day by praying and worshiping together – leaning on the Best Teacher.

I praise God that He has provided our children with a safe haven to be educated at Chinook Winds Adventist Academy. We are not a perfect people, nor a perfect school community. But we are seeking to be perfect in His ways and we are growing together as we experience the journey of educating children. We deeply rely upon God’s promise,  “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” (Psalms 32:8) And we take great hope from Ellen White’s call to imbue our school with the spirit of true and undefiled religion. “Our institutions of learning may swing into worldly conformity, but they are prisoners of hope and God will correct and enlighten them and bring them back to their upright position of distinction from the world. I am watching with intense interest, hoping to see our schools thoroughly imbued with the spirit of true and undefiled religion. When the students are thus imbued … they will see that there is a great work to be done, and the time they have given to amusements will be given up to doing earnest missionary work.” (Mrs. E. G. White, R. & H., Jan. 9, 1894).

Please join Adventists from around North America this Sabbath in giving God thanks for the great things He has done through our Adventist school system.

Lara Melashenko
Chinook Winds Adventist Academy


CWAA ANNUAL CONSTITUENCY MEETING:  A reminder, don’t forget to join us tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at CWAA for our Constituency Meeting! Come out and celebrate the past, present and future blessings of God on our school! 

CWAA ANNUAL TALENT SHOW: Elementary and Secondary Talent Show will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20th beginning at 9:30 a.m. All are invited to come and be entertained by our students!

ELEMENTARY REPORT CARDS & PARENT-TEACHER INTERVIEWS: Report cards will be sent home tomorrow. Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held this Thursday, March 22nd Our on-line sign-up is available to book all Interviews. You have access to this by using the button below. We look forward to seeing you here!

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CWAA DEDICATION & CELEBRATION SERVICE: You are invited to be at CWAA on Friday evening, April 20th for a special service which will include student baptisms, talks by artists Nathan Greene and Gardner Bermudez, as well as times of worship, praise and prayer. You will also want to see our NEW Gallery of Jesus – a collection of amazing artwork that will be displayed in our school lobby!


GRADE 9 COOKIE CART SALES:  The Grade 9 class is selling baked goods as a fundraiser for their Year End Celebration.  Item prices are between $.50 and $1.00. Thank you for your support!

  • Elementary – Thursday Lunch time
  • Secondary – Tuesday and Thursday Lunch time


PRAYING PARENTS: Praying parents will meet this Thursday, March 22nd. All are welcome to join this group (at the beginning of the school day in the lobby) as they share and pray together over our school community.



Mar 19                School Board Meeting 7 pm

Mar 20                CWAA Talent Show 9:30 am

Mar 20                Constituency Meeting 7 pm

Mar 20                Elementary Report Cards

Mar 21                Fankem Family Mission Trip Project Deadline

Mar 21                Glenbow Museum Field Trip, Grades 4 & 5

Mar 21                Field Trip to City Hall, Grade 6

Mar 22                Elementary Parent Teacher Interviews 4-8 pm

Mar 23                Last day of Classes – Spring Break Begins

Apr 9                    Classes Resume

Apr 14                 Concert Choir in Praise Festival, Bridgeland Church 10:30 am

Apr 16                 School Board Meeting 7 pm

Apr 18                 Science Field Trip Telus Spark Grade 7

Apr 20                 End of Term 3 Secondary

Apr 20                 Prayer, Praise and Baptism Service / Lobby Dedication

Apr 24                 Secondary Progress Reports sent home

Apr 26                 Secondary PTI’s , 4-8 pm

Apr 26-29            FCA Flag Football Tournament

Apr 30                 Burman Acronaires Show at CWAA, 9:30 am