CWAA Breeze Newsletter June 4 – 8, 2018

Principal’s Message:

This past weekend we had the privilege of graduating 16 fine young men and women! Our ceremonies were packed with beautiful tributes, shared talents, stories, and inspiring messages of hope. I would like to share one of our tributes. As a school staff, we praise God that He has given us the opportunity to walk alongside our students – mentoring, educating, and loving them – through to their adult years. Congratulations Grade 12’s! We love you and will miss your extraordinary talents and personalities!

Tribute to the School – Speech given at Grade 12 Graduation by Romeo Bridges


It gives me great pleasure to pay tribute to this school. I have been here for 13 years. It has been 13 years of many ups and downs and I am glad to say that I appreciated every moment I spent at Chinook. From the early mornings to the late evenings, Chinook has not only taught me academically but also how to contribute to society as a young Christian man. I have enjoyed my time here at Chinook because I created friendships that I will never forget, as well as memories that molded me into who I am today. Chinook gives great opportunities to students to be able to have positive communication with their teachers as well as have a good communication throughout the school body. Chinook Winds is a place where as soon as you walk in you can feel the presence of God. You also feel a warm feeling inside knowing that you are surrounded by people of the same religion, which as a young man in society feels amazing because you are surrounded by people with the same interests. Chinook has been a blessing in my life and I will cherish it forever. It has been my second home and it saddens me to say that I will never be waking up at 6 in the morning to be through those front doors by 7 am. I loved this school throughout the years and it will always remain a huge part of my life and I thank God for blessing this school and pray that the Lord continues to bless it. As I grew up in Chinook I think about the way that God has impacted my life within these walls. He has been with me through the ups and downs in my life and so has this school. I will never forget the memories made at recess, gym class and even on trips this school allows students to participate in. Chinook Winds Adventist Academy speaks for itself. It is a loving school filled with loving teachers. For those who unfortunately do not agree, I am sad to say you never really focused on what Chinook Winds has done for you. I love this school and I will never forget a place where I can call home. Thank you!

Lara Melashenko
Chinook Winds Adventist Academy


SPRING MUSIC CONCERT: Please join us this Thursday, June 7that 7 pm, as CWAA’s Concert Choir and Concert Band (secondary music students) present their special performance at CWAA’s  Spring Concert titled ‘We Are All God’s Children’.   Students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 will also be sharing their talents as they take part in this musical event.  Invite family and friends!

REGULAR DISMISSAL ON CONCERT DAY:  As per school policy it is not permissible for students to remain at the school without direct adult supervision.  There will be no teacher supervision for students at CWAA between 3:45 pm and 6:30 pm (other than paid After School Care).

ELEMENTARY FIELD DAY: Our Elementary PE Teacher, Mrs. Dodds, is planning a FIELD DAY with all the elementary students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6.  This will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 19th.  The purpose of this event is to encourage students to enjoy physical activity, be challenged to do something different, to learn cooperation skills with peers and students of different age groups, and to have a year-end celebration!

There will be a circuit of stations set up outside and the students will complete different physical activities at each station.  Mrs. Dodds will need parent volunteers (with police-clearance on file) to help out with the following:

  • Supervise/distribute at the water table
  • Making signs for each station
  • Setting up of stations and tearing down afterwards
  • Coach or lead teams around the circuit
  • Man one of the stations and explain the activity to the teams
  • Time keeper – blows the whistle when it’s time to rotate
  • And much, much more…

Please let her know ( if you’re able to volunteer!

GRADES 7 – 12 FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE: Important reminders for Final Exams.

  • Exam Weighting: All final exams are cumulative and will cover material from the beginning of the year.  Grade 7-9 Finals will be weighted at 20% of the Term 4 grade.  Grade 10 – 12 Final Exams will be weighted at 30% of the final grade.
  • During exam and tutorial days all students must arrive at regular time (8:30 am).
  • Students must remain in their classrooms for a minimum of 1 hour after the exam start time.
  • Grades 10-12 students are allowed to leave the school after exams/tutorials are completed to go home and prepare for their next exam. Students who remain at school will be provided with a supervised room for quiet study.
  • Tutorials for Grades 7-9 core classes (LA, SS, MATH, SCI) will be in the afternoons and will be optional attendance.  Gr 7-9 students will need written parental permission to leave the school.
  • Regular uniforms are to be worn on all exam and tutorial days (except for Grade 12 students writing Diploma Exams).
  • Early Noon Dismissal on June 22, 25, 26, 27, and 28. Buses will depart CWAA at 12:10 pm on these days.

Please open the button below to find our Final Exam Schedule for Grades 7-12 students.




June 5                 Grade 9 Year End Celebration 7 pm

June 7                 Praying Parents meet in lobby 8:30 am

June 7                 Used Uniform Sale 6 pm

June 7                 K-12 Spring Concert 7 pm

June 14               Praying Parents meet in lobby 8:30 am

June 14               Jr/Sr Kindergarten & Grade 10 Calgary Zoo Field Trip

June 15               Jr/Sr High Spring Soccer Tournament, Lacombe, 9:30 am

June 16               CWAA Chorale & Praise Team to Strathmore SDA Church

June 18               School Board Meeting 7 pm

June 19               Elementary Sports Field Day (afternoon)

June 19               Jr Kindergarten Year End Celebration

June 20               Grade 6 Year End Celebration, 6:30 pm

June 20-28           Secondary Final Exams Week

June 21               Grades 1-4 Calaway Park Trip

June 22               Last Day for Elementary Students

June 22               Term 3 Elementary Report Cards sent home

June 22                Elementary Awards Ceremony 6:30 PM

June 27               Term 4 Secondary Report Cards sent home

June 27               Secondary Awards Ceremony 6:30 PM


Chaplain’s Message:

At graduations, we celebrate the accomplishments of students! These students reach graduation partly thanks to their own hard work, and partly because of their teachers who have taught and helped them along the way.

We can look forward to the celebration that will break out when Jesus comes to take us to heaven one day! At that time, we can be ready, not because of our own accomplishments and hard work, but because of what Jesus has accomplished on our behalf through His death and resurrection. We can be ready for that great day by accepting Jesus’ accomplishment on our behalf, and by allowing Him to change, teach and guide us.

“The master said, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!’” (Matthew 25:23 NLT)

Pastor Brent
Chinook Winds Adventist Academy