CWAA Breeze Newsletter February 27 – March 3, 2017

Principal’s Message

A Lesson from the Nest

“Does the eagle soar at your command and build its nest on high? It dwells on a cliff and stays there at night; a rocky crag is its stronghold. From there it looks for food; its eyes detect it from afar. Its young ones feast on blood, and where the slain are, there it is.” Job 39:26-30 (NIV)

Have you ever seen a bald eagle’s nest? A while ago I was driving through Kamloops on my way to Vancouver and my eyes caught the sight of an eagle’s nest along a river bed. The eagle’s nest was positioned at the top of a skinny little telephone pole. It seemed like a crazy place to build a wide nest. I marveled as I thought about the physics involved in securely building a nest on the top of a 6-inch diameter pole! What an intriguing marvel of nature!

As I continued my drive I began to ponder the illogical position of the nest on the pole. Why did the eagle choose to perch on the top of a telephone pole instead of a tree? How did it built the nest to stay secure, in the midst of the exposed elements (wind or rain or direct heat)? Where did the bird get its materials to build the nest and why did it not choose to make a nest on the ground, where materials were more convenient to gather?

Did you know that the average eagle’s nest is anywhere from 8-10 feet in diameter? And did you know that both parents build the nest with branches, twigs, grass, mud, and sod? The eagle builds its nest high above the ground, by a body of water, in order to be protected, and to be close to a fresh food supply. The eagle mom gives birth to 1 or 2 babies and both mom and dad take turns incubating the babies. Both mom and dad make two nests, where they alternate use each year. To prepare for the baby each year, the mom and dad will add new materials to the nest to strengthen it until it usually topples down due to the weight!

Isn’t it remarkable how God has instinctively placed specific instructions inside the bald eagle’s mind to know where to build a nest, and how to build a remarkably robust and secure nest to protect the babies? And if God has given this capability to an eagle, think of how much more He can provide and protect us, His own babies!

“When the High God gave the nations their stake, gave them their place on Earth, He put each of the peoples within boundaries under the care of divine guardians. But God himself took charge of his people, took Jacob on as his personal concern. He found him out in the wilderness, in an empty, windswept wasteland. He threw his arms around him, lavished attention on him, guarding him as the apple of his eye. He was like an eagle hovering over its nest, overshadowing its young, then spreading its wings, lifting them into the air, teaching them to fly.” Deuteronomy 32:8-11 (MSG)

Lara Melashenko


CHARACTER VALUE OF THE MONTH: For the month of March our school is emphasizing the character value of Honesty.  Scripture verse: Tell each other the truth because we all belong to each other in the same body.” Ephesians 4:25 

ELEMENTARY SWIMMING BEGINS TOMORROW: All elementary grades will begin their swimming lessons tomorrow, Tuesday, February 28th.  There is a potential for a mix-up of uniform clothing items in the swimming pool change rooms and because of this all Elementary students should dress in casual wear on the days when they go swimming. 

SUCCESSFUL OPEN HOUSE & FRIEND DAY: We want to share the awesome news that 13 new families came to check out our school on the evening of our Open House and by the end of the evening we had received 3 completed applications! Then on Friday, February 17 we had a record-breaking 58 students attend our Friend Day, filling our school to 233 students!  Many of our elementary classes were brimming over: 18 in Kindergarten, 28 in Grade 3, 24 in Grade 2, 22 in Grades 11, and 21 in Grades 6 & 7. We praise God for His leading in the success of both of these events and we look forward to Holy Spirit-led decisions for enrolment in 2017-2018. We want to thank each parent for their role in promoting our school for these two important events! 

2017-18 REGISTRATION OPEN TO CWAA FAMILIES FIRST UNTIL THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 3:  We are pleased to announce on February 17 your children were given their Re-Registration packages. Please note that because our space is limited in some classes, we will be giving our current families first priority in registering until this Friday, March 3After March 3 we will be opening up admissions to new families. Please note that fully completed applications will be processed in the order that they are received. Our class sizes will be capped at 25 for Grades 1-12 and 20 for Kindergarten. If you have any questions about registration, please feel free to contact the office.

JOIN IN TO HELP CWAA ‘BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR!’:  Until Wednesday, March 1st all classrooms, staff and school families are invited to be involved in a Community Service Project. “Bags of Love” and “Welcome Home” are ways in which all of us can share Jesus’ love tangibly. Thank you for your willing and generous spirit!


PRAYING PARENTS: Come join this group for prayer this Thursday morning, March 2nd, in the school lobby. They meet on Thursdays to pray for our school, our staff, our students and our families. All are welcome!



Feb 28                 Grades K-6 Swimming Lessons (Day 1), Shouldice Pool

Mar 2                  Grades K-6 Swimming Lessons (Day 2)

Mar 6 – 10           Spring Student Week of Prayer

Mar 7                  Grades K-6 Swimming Lessons (Day 3)

Mar 7                  Mission Trip Meeting # 6, 4 pm

Mar 9                  Grades K-6 Swimming Lessons (Day 4)

Mar 9                  Parent Seminar “Protecting Your Technology Devices at Home” with Joel Melashenko 6:30 pm

Mar 12                Pizza & Pops Music Concert 5 pm

Mar 13                Grade 8 & 9 Trip to National Geographic Live at Jack Singer Concert Hall

Mar 14                Grades K-6 Swimming Lessons (Day 5)

Mar 14                National Pie Day (Secondary Math Competition ending with a piece of pie)

Mar 16                Grades K-6 Swimming Lessons (Day 6)

Mar 17                Elementary End of Term 2

Mar 20 – 22         ABC Book Fair

Mar 20                School Board Meeting 7 pm

Mar 21                Elementary Report Cards sent home

Mar 21                Constituency Meeting 7 pm

Mar 23                Mission Trip Prayer Commissioning, 7 pm

Mar 23                Elementary Parent Teacher Interviews 4-8 pm

Mar 24                Last day of classes – Spring Break begins

Mar 26                Mission Trip to Bolivia

Apr 10                 Classes resume                 



You know how it works! Somewhere in your house is that box or container of candies from the most recent holiday. They taste really good! You know that you shouldn’t really be eating them. But over and over you are drawn back to take another piece of that deliciousness!

What would it take for you to be constantly attracted and drawn back to God’s word like you are to that candy?

The instructions of the Lord are perfect, reviving the soul. The decrees of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple. The commandments of the Lord are right, bringing joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are clear, giving insight for living. Reverence for the Lord is pure, lasting forever. The laws of the Lord are true; each one is fair. They are more desirable than gold, even the finest gold. They are sweeter than honey, even honey dripping from the comb. They are a warning to your servant, a great reward for those who obey them. (Psalm 19:7–11, NLT)

May God’s word be “sweeter than honey” for you!

Pastor Brent

Chinook Winds Adventist Academy