CWAA: Important Information on Novel Coronavirus

[The following is based on CWAA: Important Information on Novel Coronavirus: Email #2, sent to CWAA parents from Principal Bruce Fillier on March 12, 2020.]

Please find the information bulletin that has been distributed to our school from the Alberta Conference for “Immediate Release” here:   Please open and read this release immediately.  Please follow all of this directive and pay close attention to the procedure to follow if your child is sick.  

Our SDA Office of Education and school administration has been following this matter closely and this information is being sent to you as part of our ongoing monitoring process.  

Administration and staff  at CWAA continue to monitor and discuss the impact of the Novel Coronavirus following morning worship on a regular basis.  All staff have been informed about how to talk to students about this outbreak in a balanced manner, paying attention to the unique needs and concerns of both our primary, elementary, and secondary students.  Teachers have been discussing the importance of handwashing and the use of tissues when coughing, blowing noses, etc., since the beginning of the school year and taking time to reteach these practices in the past few weeks.  Our custodial staff has been directed to increase and enhance sanitation levels on a daily basis at CWAA in compliance with Alberta Conference directives.   

Please continue to monitor the web page at Alberta Health Services for your official source of information regarding Novel Coronavirus:

Our school administrative team in consultation with our Conference Office of Education are in contact daily and continue to monitor this matter and make decisions based on our review and assessment of accurate and timely information. Parents will be advised as necessary by direct email from the Principal.

Please read the information bulletin from the conference carefully.  After considering this information, any parent with a concern is advised to contact their child’s teacher directly for followup.  The classroom teacher will notify the administrative staff as part of the monitoring process.  In the event of a school closure, our staff are already trained to call parents directly as part of our school policy (similar to a snow day) and we will continue to use that process as and when required.  At this point in time I see a school closure as a possible scenario only, however, NO DECISION has been made in that regard as of the date of this email.  Should a decision be reached to close the school, parents will be notified and staff will offer as much assistance to students as possible to deliver educational services in an online environment.  Discussions are already taking place among the staff at CWAA regarding how this will be delivered and more information will become available to students and parents about online education service should we end up with an extended school closure.  

There are some discussions regarding cancellations of large gatherings. This will have an impact on our music and athletic programs.  Mr. Fowler notified staff at CWAA today as follows:  “Good afternoon – with the current health concerns……. the CISAA board has decided to pause all athletics until further notice…… so the rest of this week and next week there will not be any sports.  Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend.”  Mrs. Miranda is monitoring our music engagements and more information will be forthcoming in due course.  

May God continue to bless and uphold you and your family during this time of concern.

Bruce Fillier
Chinook Winds Adventist Academy.  


For important information on the closure of Chinook Winds Adventist Academy in response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), please click below.