Our Mission Statement


Our Philosophy

As Christian educators we believe that each child has been fearfully and wonderfully created in God’s image (Psalms 139:14). We believe that God loves each child with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3) and He desires that each child learn to know Him in return (Hosea 13:4). We believe that God has given each child unique gifts and abilities (Romans 12:6) and He has a specific plan and purpose for each child (Philippians 2:13).

It is therefore our commitment to provide each child that comes to CWAA with a secure, caring, and stimulating environment in which he/she can grow and mature physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. We strive to provide an education where every child will experience a high degree of success while developing a love and enthusiasm for learning. It is our aim to inspire and motivate our students to achieve their full potential and achieve excellence. We are committed to designing education activities around student interests, which will motivate and stimulate a passion to learn and a desire to become an active participants in the learning processes. We strive to ensure our students develop a wide variety of skills that will ensure successful living in the 21st century: critical thinking and problem-solving skills, individual discovery and the construction of knowledge, creative & innovative processes, opportunities for collaboration and effective communication, self-advocacy and develop habits of responsible citizens. Finally, we want our students to find learning fun and relevant and we aim to promote an environment where the voice of each student is heard, and where each student feels free to express themselves. We are committed to providing a respectful environment with fair and consistent rules and where every student feels safe and sure of what is expected of them.

Our Values

Our Values govern our actions, decisions and practices and allow us to achieve our mission:

  1. Striving for Excellence – We strive to achieve the highest levels of quality in every aspect of the school’s program.
  2. 21st Century Education – We engage students with research-based education-practices and teach our students to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, innovative knowledge-creators and God-honoring communicators and servants.
  3. Holistic Education – We provide a holistic education, which emphasizes the responsible development of mental, physical, spiritual, and social abilities, skills and talents in preparation for a positive, happy life on this earth as well as throughout eternity.
  4. Christ-Centered Education – We intentionally infuse Biblical teachings and the teachings of Jesus Christ into every aspect of our school program.
  5. Partner with the Family – We foster open and honest communication and provide parents with opportunities to be involved in the life and development of the school. We supply timely and accurate information on student progress in academic excellence and the development of Christ-like character.
  6. Christ-like Character Development – We teach students to emulate Christ’s character (self-sacrifice, compassion, empathy, grace, honesty, integrity, love, respect, and responsibility).
  7. Commitment to Christ – We teach students to know God and we promote an environment where students choose Jesus Christ as their Savior and best friend. We teach our youth to embrace their faith in the Bible, creation and share the message and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  8. Service to Christ and Others – We establish a pattern of lifelong service to humanity and to God by showing the love of Jesus Christ through acts of compassion and kindness.
  9. Focusing on Relationships – We promote an environment where life-long friendships are formed; we teach students the importance of respectful and effective communication and developing these necessary skills.
  10. Respecting Diversity – We promote respect and dignity for the diversity found in God’s creation as evidenced in differences in economic status, capabilities, social backgrounds, ethnicity, physical attributes, gender, and religion.

Our History

Chinook Winds Adventist Academy began serving Calgary families with Christian education in 1945 in the basement of a Seventh-day Adventist church. Over the years CWAA moved to various locations throughout the city until it acquired its permanent site in 1974 – a beautiful 20-acre parcel of wooded land on the side of a mountain next to Canada Olympic Park. In 1985 the school was destroyed by fire and it re-opened its doors in the fall of 1986.

CWAA has grown steadily from its inception as an elementary school to a complete Kindergarten to Grade 12 day school today. The school is recognized by the Government of Alberta as a Category 1 Private School and by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges and Universities. CWAA is governed by an Operating Board made up of approximately 30 representatives from various Seventh-day Adventist constituent churches of the Calgary area. It is supervised by the Alberta Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Office of Education. CWAA is part of the Seventh-day Adventist educational system, which operates 7,200 schools worldwide with a total enrolment of over 1.5 million students. CWAA offers a spacious, well-equipped facility which includes bright classrooms, an excellent gymnasium, library, a computer lab and portable laptop carts, music room, science lab, kitchen, work-out space, soccer field, elementary playgrounds and more.