The Breeze – June 11, 2013

CWAA’s confirmed enrolment for the 2013-2014 school year, to date, has reached 177!  Some of our classes are filling up! There are only 4 more spots in Kindergarten, 4 more spots in Grade 8 and 5 more spots in Grades 9 and 11. If you know of any families considering attending CWAA, please send them our way! Thank you for […]

The Breeze – June 4, 2013

Principal Report Humble Yourself and He Will Lift You Up Last Wednesday morning I received an urgent phone call from the Alberta Conference, reporting that we had a problem with our 2013-2014 budget proposal to the Government of Alberta. In our budget we had mistakenly used an incorrect funding rate that, once corrected, resulted in a significant […]