Don’t Miss CWAA Open House – Thursday, February 18, 5-8 PM

Mark your calendars! Our Annual Open House will be held next Thursday, February 18 from 5-8 pm! All current families, Board Members & Pastors are invited to bring interested friends and family members to check out CWAA’s vision & mission, talk to teachers, mingle with other parents, take a school tour and learn how CWAA is different from all other schools! There will be Door Prize draws (Admissions Fees Scholarships, Fitbit, Andrews Study Bible, certificates to Indigo, iTunes, Scholastic Book Fair, sets of Family Bible Story, etc.) for both new families and current families who accompany them. Thank you for partnering with us in promoting our great school! We look forward to seeing you at our open house!

Click Here to View Open House Poster


1.)   Referral Incentive – Families that are instrumental in bringing a new family to CWAA will receive a $250 discount per newly enrolled family. (Both existing and new students must remain enrolled for a full school year to be eligible for the Referral IncentiveThe $250 discount is per family and not per student and will be applied in June.)

2.)   Multi-Child Family Tuition Incentive – Families with more than one child will receive a reduction in fees for the full-time second and third siblings: Grades 1-6 = $130 per student, Grades 7-9 = $170 per student, Grades 10-12 = $230 per student.