School Fees

2017-2018 FEE SCHEDULE

GRADE Annual Fee (SDA Student) Annual Fee (non-SDA Student) Annual Fee (International Student)
Application Fees $50 $50 $50
Registration Fees $100 $100 $100
Academic Fees
Kindergarten (4-day) $2,300 $2,300 $2,300
Grades 1-6 $3,100 $4,000 $9,700
Grades 7-9 $3,800 $4,700 $10,600
Grades 10-12 $5,200 $6,100 $12,500
Bus Fees  $1,700 for First Rider, $1,000 for Each Additional Rider



  • APPLICATION & REGISTRATION FEES are nonrefundable fees, which include administrative costs, yearbooks, agendas, and selective technology fees.
  • ACADEMIC FEES INCLUDE Tuition Fees (Textbooks, salaries, non-consumable teaching resources and salaries), Activity/Resource Fees (consumable student resources, field trips, graduation fees, etc.), Capital Fees (facility costs and improvements).
  • CWAA offers two incentive programs:
    • REFERRAL INCENTIVE: Families that are instrumental in bringing a new family to CWAA will receive a $250 discount per newly enrolled family. Both existing and new students must remain enrolled for a full school year to be eligible for the Referral Incentive. The $250 discount is per family and not per student and will be applied in June.
    • MULTI-CHILD FAMILY TUITION INCENTIVE: Families with more than one child will receive a reduction in fees for the full-time second and third siblings:
      • SDA Students: Grades 1-6 = $130 per student, Grades 7-9 = $170 per student, Grades 10-12 = $230 per student.
      • Non-SDA Students: Grades 1-6 = $200 per student, Grades 7-9 = $240 per student, Grades 10-12 = $300 per student.


Additional Costs May Include:

  • Extracurricular Athletics: cost varies per team and sport ($20-$950)
  • Secondary Options Fees: cost varies based on options selected (approximately $5-50)
  • Music program: cost ranges up to $950
  • Retreats: covers the cost of an over-night retreat including transportation, food, accommodations and activities (approximately $100-200)
  • International Mission Trip (Grades 10-12) cost ranges up to $2,300
  • Hot Lunch Program (Kindergarten – Grade 12): optional lunch program (approximately $5-7 per lunch)
  • School Uniforms: cost dependent on student selection
  • Fundraisers: a variety of school-wide fundraisers may occur throughout the year

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